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The first thing that struck me about this piece was the curves. You have the round circle of the moon, then the tree with it's branches...

I like the soft colors and I really like the style. Watercolor was a good choice for the kind of wispy sketch you did. It seems like it...

I really like the texture of the clouds. Even though you use rough strokes, they still look pillowy. However, they are dark and close e...

I like the setting. The composition and the background are very beautiful. It is a cute pose and I like how you included the details of...


An extension of How not to Write Love Interests
Faith, in the sense in which I am here using the word, is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.” - C.S Lewis
This quote is about faith not love, but you can see how the same logic applies. If faith is not merely to "feel" as if you believe something, why should love be merely to "feel" that you like something?
In the end, faith is remembering you have reason to believe, and love is a choice about how you treat someone. Feelings are irrelevant. They are passing. They are constantly changing, and that's natural. They can indeed play a role in our decisions about relationships, but are a fickle factor to base an entire decision off of. It's like building a house on the sand. We're human beings with intelligence, and there is no such thing as a feeling so powerful we HAVE to act on it-that is fantasy.
What about circumstances? What about age? Can it ever be simply a waste of time?
On my last deviation, people arg
:iconmakingfunofstuff:MakingFunOfStuff 128 87
portrait of rosalie
my grandmother devours
photo albums
like Tolstoy novels,
mémoire aprés mémoire aprés
she tells me the same story
about her first job
without a car
five times over,
looking away
to another
black & white to me,
but full-color to her.
alzheimer's is a language.
like french, it is
just another part of her.
she does not remember
conversations from a week ago
or to turn over laundry,
but she remembers
bus rides in the south, pre-1964,
white weddings in
grey cathedrals
that are shopping malls now.
i have learned to translate
her repetition,
the ways she can tell
the same memory
again and again
like it is the first time.
for this, too,
is language:
the new inflections in her voice,
new details,
the tears that frequent
her glassy eyes
like uninvited guests
she lets in anyway
my grandmother's
is a neologist,
changes the way
we communicate
trauma is passed
through generations
like hand-me-down clothes.
c'est héréditaire.
my grand
:iconignotism:ignotism 125 43
.:Traits Missing From Today's Characters:.
~Something’s Missing~
• NOTE: This is a generally speaking list, again, directed at the major characters of stories/books/movies/television of the modern times. I know there exist characters with these traits; I just think they are rare and should be brought more to attention if you're looking to expand your character diversity and add realism.
• Humility: This is the big one that I think a lot of characters are missing. Lots of the mains I see today don't even have a shred of this or if they do it’s forced into them. How about writing a person who’s naturally humble? These people are amazing. They don’t seek to exalt themselves. They give credit to others.
• Pushover: Unfortunately most main characters I see will push back if the world tries to push them down. But this is SO unimaginably unrealistic. I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t, or they’d try and fail. Some people, if pushed around or pushed down to the ground, will stay d
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 174 177
The Simple Character Creator Formula
This is a copy-paste (with some additions) from my Tumblr blog (, but it must be reposted.
Twilight of the Hakurei, the club-wide comic tennis/RP (, is turning out just as I suspected: AMAZINGLY. However, one thing that really astounds me is how well the character system is working. If you're not familiar, it's simply this:
1. Pick the character's biggest strength that affects other people. Note the key phrase, "that affects other people." For example, "He's really good at cooking," is not a strength: that's just a regular skill that only applies to one area of life and doesn't really affect others. However, "He's a fast learner," or, "He pays attention to detail," or, "He's very generous," is a strength because it applies to more than just cooking, but any other skill and especially relationships.
2. Pick the character's biggest weakness that affects other people. Once ag
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Today, I didn’t mention it.

It was the same question, the question that always threatened me.  The question I don’t know how to answer.  The question that always have to debate, discuss, and contemplate and plan out my answer, all within my own head.  And nobody knows that I am still not sure of the answer.

“Where are you from?”

“Tell your name, your major, and your hometown.”

When I was a child, there was only one answer.  But then my life changed.  I moved to a different world.  And I changed.  I grew there.

I didn’t put the slash in today.  I usually say “Buchanan, Michigan slash Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines.”  Because I am from both.  They both made me who I am.  But today, there was no “but” or “well, actually…”

Today, I stood up in class and said, “I’m from Buchanan, Michigan,” making the “mitten” map with my hand and pointing it out.  They laughed at that.  I smiled back.  It was such a Michigan thing to do.

Then, I sat down and the introductions continued and I wondered why I wanted to cry.  Only I knew the absence.  Only I felt the silence of the place that was not said.

And it ached.  It ached like the grey morning with the smell of smashed worms on the sidewalk.

I thought I had moved on.  I had returned to the old house at ******** Drive. I had a “permanent home address” now.  They didn’t need to know.

But maybe I did.  Maybe I needed to know that I hadn’t lost it.  Because maybe I don’t really want to move on because I don’t want to leave it behind.  Maybe I just need to know that even if I am in a new chapter, that it’s still in my book, that it’s still part of my story.  Because it’s getting blurry and I’m getting scared.  I am scared that I will forget.  I do not know that I will change my answer.  But, I think, at least next time, I will still feel the pain of the absence of the place I did not say.


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United States
Twist me a crown of wind-flowers;
That I may fly away
To hear the singers at their song,
And players at their play.

I'll twist you a crown of windflowers
But whither would you go?
Beyond the surging of the sea
And the storms that blow.
-Christina Rossetti

I am a daydreamer, a traveler, a writer, and an artist. I lived in the northern mountains of the Philippines for over five years so I still have an accent and a different perspective than most Americans. I am trying to improve my art and my writing while continuing to find adventures.

I am open to commissions, critiques, suggestions, advice, and discussions.


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